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Can psychedelics help alleviate the symptoms of depression? Learn about the pros and cons of the novel treatment.

Psychedelic therapy has been showing promising results in treating post-traumatic stress disorder. Is it the best option to deal with PTSD nowadays? Read my new article to find out!

In this article for Parenting Teens and Tweens, I shared the most common causes of teenage stress. I also provided a bunch of tips on how to help them cope. 

A happy and healthy relationship is possible between an extrovert and an introvert – simply follow the tips I shared on Illustration Friday.

In this piece for Recovery Warriors, I highlighted the best solutions to help a spouse cope with an eating disorder and mentioned a few dont’s that could hinder their progress.

Mindfulness can benefit your marriage – find some useful tips on True Love Words!

An article for Safe Search Kids to help single parents deal with cyberbullying affecting their child. 

An article for Family Today about the reasons for feeling unhappy in a marriage. I also included a few solutions to help such people fix their marriage.

An article for about the most popular reasons why a man is unwilling to get married again.

An article for Inside of Happiness about the effective ways to build more healthy habits via boosting your willpower.

A few tips for UpJourney on how to behave when someone suddenly changes their plans and cancels a date.

An article for Wellness about the consequences of divorce on children and some tips for parents on how to help their kid get through a divorce.

10 useful tips for Divorced Girl Smiling on how to deal with the marriage separation pain and eventually overcome it.

An article for Families – 10 main reasons why marriages don’t last.

Tips on how to get out of an abusive relationship with a narcissist for Arcadian Counseling.

Tips for YourTango on how to minimize the negative consequences of informing your spouse that you want to end the marriage.

An article for Thought Catalog about the dos and don’ts of saving a marriage after a spouse has cheated.

In this article for The Healthy Marriage, I explored the ins and outs of dating before divorce comes into force.

I listed the most common reasons why people are dreaming about their ex-partners on UpJourney.

In this article for The Healthy Marriage, I explored the ins and outs of dating before divorce comes into force.

I provided UpJourney with the essential reasons why people might fall in love too quickly, as well as with the tips on how to cope with this dysfunctional pattern.

20 tips on how to survive a divorce in your 30s and find a new partner. Visit my divorce column at to see more articles.

An article for Healers Magazine telling how virtual reality (VR) helps people deal with anxiety and depression. I described the latest VR techniques that considerably improve treatment efficacy.

18 tips on how to break the cycle of family violence. Visit my divorce column at to see more articles.

Healers Magazine

An article on how to be a wise and independent parent in spite of the hardships. Visit my divorce column at to see more articles.

Comprehensive data for Klusster regarding the divorce rates worldwide and the factors impacting divorce rates.

I told an exciting story about what a gambler and a CEO have in common. I investigated the addiction mechanisms and composed a target victim profile based on my findings.

A blog post about the essential questions every person should ask themselves before they file for divorce. Visit my divorce column at to see more articles!

Gambling research article

Profound insights into sexless marriage.
Visit my divorce column at to see more articles!

Some useful tips for Breakupshop on how to go through divorce and never lose your way due to maladaptive coping mechanisms.

An article for Sustainable Outdoor News Magazine (Suston). I interviewed the representatives of REI, Vaude, prAna, and MEC to get first-hand information on the world’s top outdoor eco headquarters.

A blog post for Nordic Outdoor, UK’s leading supplier of quality Scandinavian activewear and equipment. I described 5 ways to stay active during the cold season and enjoy winter adventure.​

Suston Magazine
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